Saturday, 5 May 2018


It's time to let go of the promises.
Oaths I had made to myself many
moons ago, before I had lived enough
to fully understand who I would become.

I never accounted for experiences that
I would see myself through, only to find
a change in selfhood on the other side.

I built foundations to home my life-pledges,
painting walls and moving into the right places,
only to feel my feet become itchy with
desire to pack up shop and leave.
I never considered the possibility of a shift
that would lead to a fork in the road.

Verging on disappointment in my disinterest in
pursuing the destinations of disintegrating
dreams. I felt that I had wasted years paving
pathways to places I would never see, without
recognising that the changing routes carried
me safely without following any certain plan.   

Abandoning ideals I once held about love,
security and lifestyle to chase after
that terrifying new thing.
It seems now what matters most to me
also causes my hairs to stand tall.

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