Sunday, 1 April 2018


Do you ever feel like you are in a bit of a rut, like your life isn't moving in any direction at
any speed? I often feel like I am falling behind and looking on as others race on ahead.
Comparing your personal and career progress to anothers can be a foolish thing to do.
Whilst you may not be where you had envisioned you would be at this point in your life,
you perhaps may not of imagined some of the achievements you had made thus far, so it's
important to keep a good perspective. You are more than capable of achieving your goals,
despite any setbacks you may of experienced.

When stuck in a rut, the bigger goal may seem out of your grasp, especially as life throws
things at you from every direction which may feel overwhelming. So even when there is
an abundance of excuses which hold you back, and it's a bit of a push to find that
motivation, it's important to set intentions for exactly what you want to achieve. One way
to keep on track is to set goals for yourself, and write your aspiration somewhere in plain
sight; this will keep you inspired and motivated every day for times when you're
distracted or lose focus on the prize.

It can be important to assess how you spend your time and figure out a way to organize
your time more effectively. Figure out where you are wasting time, perhaps through
excessive social media use, or watching meaningless programes instead of possibly
watching a lecture or perfecting a set of skills through practice. If you are serious about
achieving your goals then try scrape together the motivation to give yourself a 15min
procrastination break. Procrastination breaks are a way to start working on something
productive, even if it is just for 15 mins; and should you choose to continue after the
dedicated time or not, then atleast you've made an effort to start. 

Make a detailed plan, with a step by step guide made up of smaller goals to help you
progress and keep moving. Each stage of your big plan should help you move one step
closer. Whilst it can be hard to see how working a part-time job in a dead end job will
propel you forward, looking at the bigger perspective is key. For me, I like to focus on a 6
month plan which I revisit every few weeks to assess what I have achieved and what I
hope to do the month ahead, making sure each move is inline with my main goal.

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