Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Indeed, imperfect as you are, you deserve to speak kindness and love to yourself.
Life has been generous in giving you such valuable oppertunities;
so when things take a turn for the worse and others do you wrong - let it go.
Move forward with compassion and gratitude and you will feel the positive benefits
that will bring you to celebrate the little successes of each day.

You are fit for change, ready to grow with each encounter of something new.
Take your body to someplace unknown, bring your team, join a new community,
or simply enjoy your own company in solitude, and be good to you.
& For times when you can't leave, read. 
Shift things around in your brain and feel your mind opening as the book closes.

You're capable of being happy right in this very moment. 
Think of a time when you lusted after what you now have, and where you now stand
You are qualified to be content in your achievements, 
and joyous as you immerse yourself in the love which surrounds you. 
What a time it is to be alive and well!

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