Sunday, 18 February 2018


'Appraisal' - the act of estimating or judging the nature or value of something or someone.

Self-appraisal or self-assessment provides opportunity for you to reflect on your lifestyle,
career and relationships and equips you with clarity for understanding and defining your 
strengths and weaknesses. It can be a valuable activity if you are keen on personal growth
or want to overcome difficult issues within any aspect of your life.

I tend to undergo self-appraisal by writing in a journal. I set the intention of reviewing a
specific period of time, be it a year, a month or a week. I will try to list all of the positive
aspects of that time - a highlight reel of what worked really well, and why it was a success.
I look at my different personality traits and ways in which I responded to pressure, and
more often than not I find that I am a much more stronger and capable than I realise.
Following that, I aim to make a list of all the negatives and issues within the same period
of time. Assessing the negative aspects of your personality can be a really tough task as
you struggle to set aside your ego, but a crucial aspect of a realistic appraisal.

There is an abundance of benefits that you can experience through self-appraisal. I have
personally found that my confidence has blossomed and I feel a lot more capable to deal
with life's obstacles. When you can pin-point problems and attitudes which are not
constructive, you become more conscious of them arising within your day-to-day life, and
are more inclined to react to issues in a much more positive way.  Everyone is constantly
evolving and developing with time, and more often than not we are unaware of the
change. Self-appraisal heightens your consciousness of personal growth, and helps guide
you to make changes in your life for better.

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