Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Reflecting back on old times, photos & videos, and memories is something I have been doing 
quite often throughout my adult life. I am addicted to reminiscing, romanticising and
indulging in all of the good feelings that come from looking back at my former self. It
helps me to recognise the emotional growth from age to age, and encourages and drives
me to continue developing and bettering myself in the future.

I’m now in my late twenties, with only a few short years before “the big three oh” comes.
Feeling pretty weird about how quickly time has gone by with the past few years, but
more than anything I am feeling hella pressure to perform. Pressure to have already
mastered my craft, have my career well underway, and my future paved ahead. The
reality of being in your twenties is dramatically different from what I imagined during my
tweens. Honestly for some warped reason I imagined myself to have already established
my full-time career and be working on a mortgage and family – AT MY AGE?! I clearly had
no idea how the world works, because I have absolutely nothing figured out. But when I
take a bit of time to trawl through memories and put everything into perspective,
it somehow all makes sense and I feel so much better about being right where I am. 

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