Tuesday, 9 January 2018


How to Get Your Shit Together in a day.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE or slow shift in your life which has resulted in you feeling
overwhelmed or a bit worn down. When you can pinpoint the signs then you are more likely
to practice self-care and give yourself a leg up, you deserve it gurl!
I personally find that I am in need of a good sorting out when I am losing focus and 
working less. So when inspiration runs dry and I feel too overwhelmed to get the ball
rolling, I tend to follow these steps to guide me back to feeling like efficient machine of a woman.

PRACTICE MINIMALISM by doing a huge de-clutter in your bedroom, home and workspace
can really help to provide a better environment for you to feel fresher which might prompt
you to start a good routine. I personally tend to have a deep clean of my entire house
couple of times a year as I find my belongings start to accumulate into a cluttered mess.
I enjoy keeping a simple home with a smallish wardrobe of forty or less items, so it's
important to purge old unworn, unloved clothes, nick-nacks or homeware and pass them
onto others who will make better use of them. Often i find that a huge decluttering makes
me feel so much lighter when my home is squeeky clean 
and I find more happiness 
through owning less in life, upposed to engulfed by excess.

TAKE AN EMOTIONAL DUMP and get writing, or journalling. There can be a whole list of
reasons as to why you feel like things are falling behind, or piling up infront of you, 
however by writing all of your worries and problems down on paper and allowing yourself
some time to process things, and try find a solution, you begin to see things as they are.
 Journalling provides me with clarity and helps me to find solutions to lifes issues and let
go of things I have been holding onto. Yes, at times things can feel a bit cheesy and I
definitely feel like a teenage girl pouring my emotions into a diary, but it really works!
Once you've gotten all that out of your system, you might want to write a to do list to
help you get back on track with all things work and education when you do decide to jump
back on the horse.

DO THE THINGS that you really want to do but perhaps feel guilty about as they are less
productive than you're pressuring yourself into being. Is there an entire series on
Netflix you really want to binge on, or a book you just don't seem to have the time to
 read? Allow yourself a little bit of time to kick back and enjoy yourself guilt-free before 
you start back on the daily grind. I tend to whip out my diary and start a plan for the
 foreseeable weeks whilst I binge on Netflix to help me to start building motivation again.

FIX UP LOOK SHARP and pamper your good self. There's nothing better than soaking in a
bath and giving yourself a bit of a spruce up before climbing into clean bedsheets.
Taking some time to groom yourself is like taking care of your space and will make you
 feel a lot more put together and more confident.
Everything is set for the next day and hell yeah! You got your shit together - Job done!

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