Friday, 8 September 2017


I have been dying my hair since I was a pre-teen, and I have pretty much adorned every
single colour you can think of on my head. At times it was disasterous, but most of the
time I was made more confident in my appearance through switching up my hair colour.
My parents were pretty relaxed with letting me experiment with my hair colours and
style, and I am very grateful for that, as it allowed for me to express myself, and was
pretty critical to the shaping of my identity.

 Something that I have noticed in recent years is the huge range of brands and colours
that are now available on the highstreet in comparison to when sources were very limited
to Sally's salon, and you had only two brands to choose from. One brand in particular that
I have been obsessing over has been Good Dye Young, the brain child of Brian J O'Conner
and Hayley Williams (of Paramore). Since Hayley announced in an interview that she was
working on this project, I have kept a close eye, and I was very excited to see how they
would turn out.

Hayley has been known for her bright locks since she was just a teen, also experimenting

with different colours, and being a fashion muse to her following. Having experienced the 
ame pains of coloured hair from fading too quickly or not staining enough, her team at
GDY have created a beautiful range of heavily pigmented, scented and conditioning

I was given the oppertunity to put them to the test last month, playing around with PPL

Eater (purple), Ex Girl (Pink), Narwhal (Turquoise), and Steal My Sunshine (Yellow). I was
so impressed by the colour results, and I found that the scent and pigmentation were by
far the best quality I have ever tried; just look at that yellow crop!

Check them out on their website : Good Dye Young 

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