Sunday, 26 March 2017


Spring has finally sprung, and it has brought about a new life to Belfast. It is quite an
inspiring time as we look at the future, start planning our summer adventures and
students begin to tie loose ends and prepare for graduation.

Looking forward, setting goals and aspiring for something great makes for amazing
destinations. But sometimes we encounter the problem of feeling like we aren't quite on
the right path, or moving at the right pace, or simply feeling like we aren't enough to
make it. It's common to experience one or all of those feelings at some stage in your life,
and recently I've been struggling with keeping up a good morale. 
Finding the perfect balance between work and life is a struggle, as one often will
outweigh the other. Work piles up and it feels like you're pushed against a wall with a
mountain of hard graft to swim through. It personally can leave me feeling alone to deal
with difficulties, and I seem to always forget to ask for help.

Help doesn't mean asking for someone to do the graft for you, although it would be nice,
but it can come in much easier ways. Help from yourself, by allowing yourself to step
back, take a breather and give yourself sometime to reset. For me, this means going
home to my parents and pretending I am still a teenager watching TV and eating rings
round me, before picking myself back up and getting my game back on track.
Help can come from setting a little time aside for a phonecall or coffee break to have an
uplifting, positive conversation with a supportive friend who offers encouragement. Just a
little push from someone who can change your mindset and boost your self-confidence,
sending you back to work feeling revitalized. 

Over the past few months I have thrown myself into creating a portfolio of work for my
graduate degree show, and in doing so, I have put my photography and blogging work to
the side. I was struggling to find time for myself to reset and my social life slowed down
dramatically.  All was to be expected, but I forgot the importance of setting time aside
for rebooting, and reviving my passion for working.

This shoot was a collaboration with Lucy Graham, a fashion student and all round creative
lady who you can find HERE). The timing fell at the perfect time for I needed a little help
to pull me out of a rough head-space, and have a few life-affirming conversations to
jumpstart my enthusiasm again. I am forever indebted to this woman for her help.

The post was also in collaboration with Elephantine Pocket, a small Belfast-based textiles
accessories business, owned by Natalie Gilliland. Natalie is a textile illustrator designer
who recently graduated from the same university as my own (with a first). The drive and
passion Natalie has for her work and designs is incredibly inspiring, and it's so great to be
able to work with someone like her. She sent me through a silk scarf and bag, which I had
a lot of fun styling. Check out her website for more by clicking HERE.


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