Monday, 30 January 2017


 2017 is finally here, and somehow a month has already flown by. Academically, and creatively it would appear I have achieved absolute nada; however, in the past week I think I have finally adjusted to the new year and I’m ready to kick butt.

Along with the new year came an online buzz around the idea of practicing minimalism, and many decided to have huge clear outs whilst vowing to 'live with less, and experience more'. Netflix even released a documentary about minimalism, starring two of the most irritating men I ever set eyes on. A bunch of my friends are now hooked on creating piles, filling bin liners with their old stuff, and shedding skin as they create happier spaces to live in. It makes me happy to see more people change their outlook on the materials that they surround themselves with, becoming more mindful about what they buy.

Here's where I get a little hippy dippy, but hear me out.
Everything that you own in your house is there because you had some sort of attachment to it.. well, enough attachment that you would keep it. From all those holiday location key rings that your parents bring back home, to that old dodgy bra. When you look around your room you subconsciously think of the sentiment behind each object, which can be a bit draining, especially if you own a bunch of things that don't necessarily carry good memories. A chick called Marie Kondo came up with a tidying solution which involves doing one mammoth clear out, keeping only the items which truly "spark joy". This (when done right) will result in your home space being filled only by items that make you feel happy, and that's pretty ideal.

Last year I read Kondo's book "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying" (which will hopefully be the only self-help book I will ever feel a need to read). I finished it within a day and I caught the cleaning-bug. Hard. When I started the big clear out I thought it would take less than a day, but it turned into the most intense cleaning week of my life (and I am not a girl to shy away from a good ol' intense cleaning sesh). Each day I somehow managed to get rid of about 8 bin liners of stuff for charities, friends and the dump. It was insane. I would have never described myself as a hoarder, but man, I must of been a hoarder surely? I was saying goodbye to so many belongings that I once thought mattered enough to cart from one apartment to the next over the past 7 years. It felt amazing to clear the space and to find a home for the belongings I kept. It was like I was carrying a weight over my shoulders the whole time, and getting rid of it all left me on some natural high. 

Since minimizing everything from my decorative nicky-nacks, to my wardrobe, to bathroom products, I have found myself feeling less stressed out. I worry less about what to wear in the morning because I love how I feel in every item in my wardrobe (even in my slob out clothes!). It's easier to find everything I need, because everything has a home. I no longer feel like I have to spend days cleaning the house, because there is so much less to do when you have less to clean! I sound like a walking talking advert for this "life-changing" book, but it is a bit class and I would advise everyone to take a quick scope over it.

As you can see from my decorative home that I'm not what many would call a minimalist. I enjoy having little pieces calling reminders of sweet memories, and I doubt that I will ever have a 20 piece wardrobe (although I have limited myself down to 50 which is pretty goddarn impressive if you ask me!). I guess it all comes down to finding out what works with you to create a home space that reflects who you are and makes you feel good. The worst thing you can do is wait, go get the book, or check out THIS POST to catch the gist. Then ride the wave and feel that high! 

My experience of minimizing the amount of belongings I have in my life has been pretty surprizing. I remember a time where I lived for payday so that I could go out shopping and pick up some treats to fill my home and wardrobe. A life with less has resulted in the feeling of having more. More time, more calm, more joy! 

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