Thursday, 29 September 2016


I genuinely am so chuffed at myself for coming up with the title for this post - with a close second of "Don't Fret".  Incase you haven't guessed it, today I am talking about a musical project that I jumped in on at the start of the month.

Since I knew I could make noise with my lungs, I have been plaguing everyone's ear holes with my obnoxious sounds on long car journeys, from the shower and in pretty much every other scenario. I had taken singing lessons growing up, alongside a fairly long list of instruments. It was (unfortunately) a drag, and I hated going to classes, performing and generally putting musical education to good use. I am sure this happened to a lot of kids when their parents signed them up to tutorials, they start loosing interest and love for their talents.

Alas, years later I have retained the most basic musical knowledge on the vast array of instruments I can only dream of playing now. I found my interests in playing again a few years ago when I went through a break-up and had some sort of quarter-life crisis. I bought a ukulele (the most inoffensive, simple instrument that came to mind) and started learning basic chords. Every so often I would pick it up, learn something new and forget about it for a few weeks. I wrote a few songs which will never surface due to their sheer shitness. I never aspired to become a musician of any sorts, but playing was enjoyable and I whilst I was interested in sound-scaping and audio recording for my degree, I took a notion to record some (dodgy) covers for Soundcloud. That was where it began and ended and I went back to my life as an aspiring-visual artist.

If you follow my socials then you might of heard me talking about the "Say Yes" approach to the summer of 16. It's not some crazy new radical notion that I invented (and I am pretty sure there's a movie out there based on it) but I was keen to grab life by the balls this year, and it seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. I started to reply to all opportunities that came my way, and the more I did so, the more and more doors that opened for me. It was a snowball of busy, interesting and amazing projects that I feel so blessed to of been a part of.
Along came Brendan Seamus (commonly known as BeeMickSee) who wanted me to jump in on recording vocals for a track on his new project with Ryan McGroarty (from Beauty Sleep). Of course I said yes and then somehow found myself agreeing to join their outfit called Bloody Gold.
Here is the first music video for said band.

We had a gig two weeks after I joined, and I was shitting it.

I have performed a few times in my life, all as a young brainless infant. Now as a fully-grown adult, the idea of getting up onstage in front of a bunch of my peers to sing and play was surely social suicide. After a lot of encouragement from said peers I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.
Learning the songs wasn't the struggle I had imagined but finding the confidence on the day took a lot more out of me than any of the work leading up to it.
Just over a year ago Go Girl Belfast had formed a musical "supergroup" and organised a gig to help raise funds for the collective. I had joined in back then and was all geared up for performing, until the day of the show when I was brought down to the venue and broke down in the car with a full-blown panic attack at the thought of performing to a crowd. Looking back I am so gutted to have missed out on that night, and for not dealing with my demons. I vowed to myself that I would summon up the confidence and not hold back this time.

I threw up twice, sweated a river from every crevice and fold of my body, and drank for the first time in months for a bit of Dutch courage. But I did it! And I probably will do it again. If anything, this whole ordeal goes to show that no matter how much you can doubt yourself, your abilities and struggle with different things life throws at you; so long as you push yourself to work on it (whatever it may be), you can and will eventually do the thing!

Anyway, it's the end of September which means I have started back at my final year for that degree I started 6 years ago. Ha!  I will blooming graduate this year if it kills me. I am sure that I will do a mid-term update on the artist work I am doing, but I am determined to continue with working on projects and collaborations outside. If you are interested in what I will be getting up to when I am not posting here, please head on over to WWW.MEGANCAITLINDALLAT.COM and see my work being posted there, alongside links to my other blog which focuses on ASMR.

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