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Over the past few months, Go Girl Belfast has been working under the theme of
#ShareTheLoad. Obviously, as there is an abundance of creatives and artists, the theme
works perfectly as an oppertunity to open doors on collaborative projects. However, when
I first heard the phrase share the load it got me remeniscing on how much Go Girl has
changed and affected me over the past year.
Since Go Girl was established in March of last year, I have been involved in a lot of
projects and meetings within the collective. I have met some incredibly talented,
motivated and warm women who I can now call my friends; and for that alone, I am so
grateful for GoGirl.

At the start of last year I was having a bit of an identity crisis. I found myself (more often
than not) disinterested in any work, be it professional or personal. My confidence in my
own abilities as an artist was at an all time low and I had no idea what direction my life
was going.

As I attended my first Go Girl meeting (I might mention that meeting seems like a fairly
formal term for what it was - a bunch of bubbly ladies fuelled with wine and good
intentions) I was nervous as to what the others would think of me being there. Surely I
wasn't talented or creative enough to mingle within this girl gang.  I had known a few girls
who had attended the first meeting and they assured me it would be just fine.

Fast forward a few months and I am on the set of a music video for a song that I helped
pull together. I was getting involved in event management, arts and crafts, zine-making,
and my I was finding a passion for photography and blogging once more.
On days (or weeks) where I felt that my creative juices were not flowing, I turned to the
others - I found that lending a helping hand where I could always left me feeling inspired
and it was a push in the right direction. I have had an immense amount of help and
support with both creative ventures and my personal life. Within the first year, my
confidence had been given the boost it needed and I now feel like I am working on the
right path, and my life is back on track.

Go Girl helped me to open up and #ShareTheLoad with my troubles and worries. They
became close friends, offering love and care and help when I needed it most.
They often #ShareTheLoad and invite others to get involved in a multitude of different
projects, and get creative.
As I still work to find my feet with my practice as an artist, I have learned to
#ShareTheLoad and get help from others. Go Girl has introduced collaborative practice
into my life and I now have a passion for working with a multitude of other artists.

This post features portraits of a handful of Go Girl members, each with their own
specialisms, talents and individuality. I had wanted to make a series of images with Go
Girl for quite a while and now with the #ShareTheLoad theme it seemed to be the best
oppertunity to collaborate. Each shoot was spontanious, weird and fun, and as I am
delighted with how each photoset turned out.

Below I am going to post a little on each of the girls featured in the shoots, (in order of
appearance) as well as their websites & socials - so you can get involved and keep up to
date with each of the creative ladies!  

"At the moment I perform every weekend in the cabaret supperclub in Belfast hosting,
singing and burlesqueing! By day Im an actor signed with universal artists working on
everything from naturalistic plays to musical theatre. Im also very lucky to have the
oportunity to collaberate with the force to be reckoned with that is the amazing
GoldieFawn as well as many other incredible musicians. What's next for me?... Im
freelance... Who knows what is around the corner. But I bet it will be fucking fabulous. "

" I'm currently working as a designer in a Belfast design studio called Mammoth. The
Mirador show is coming up this Friday, yayy! I'm working with The Wood Burning Savages
on they're Art Direction/Visuals. "



" I think I want to be my work to be something people can relate to, not in a grandiose
kind of way but more just in the small things. It’s also therapeutic for me and has helped
me process stuff i’ve been through. Like the illustrated zine ‘One Place to Another’ i’ve
been working on. It’s a story about a girl who gets a bit lost and what she does to help
herself through it. Part 1 is already out and i’m currently working on and planning part 2
and 3. I’m excited for people to see it! "

" I am a full time photographer based between Belfast and the North Coast. I mostly take
pictures of bands but im freelance so always end up shooting weird and wonderful things,
and film the odd music video. This is my year of adventures, I've already been on tour
with a band around Europe and my next adventure is going to be America in October!
Keep up with all my travels and Go Girl craic on  my social media sites. "

"Katie is a musician, composer, musical director, activist and facilitator. In 2012 she was
featured as one of the Irish Times 'Northern Lights' which profiled people changing the
face of NI in their particular fields. Katie makes music under the name Goldie Fawn (previously Katie and the Carnival) and is
a member of Pleasure Beach. She is currently based in The Mac as Artist in Residence and
has written music for many theatre and film projects over the last number of years.
Katie is currently MD for the popular Open House Festival Choir.
Katie became a TEDx speaker earlier this year talking about her work founding 'To be
beautiful' which explores and discusses beauty and promotes positive body image through
creativity and guerrilla art."

"I am currently working on a new musical project with another GoGirl, Kerilee Hunter,
after 6 years of playing and writing for an acoustic duo (Sorcha and Hannah). After
joining Amnesty at university, I am now an active member of the committee - I really
enjoy fundraising and being an activist. I also play netball for a few netballs teams with
some great women; Westside Netball and Queens. There will be a link to my future music
projects up soon, so please check out my instagram for updates.

"One third of Beauty Sleep, a band that was dreamt up at a house party one night with
Ryan and Aimee. We write, produce, and manage everything ourselves so it keeps us
busy! I'm a musician and songwriter and like collaborating with as many people as
possible - like Wonder Villains, Pleasure Beach, Goldie Fawn, BeeMickSee, MYLK. I'm also
a Music Facilitator, photographer, videographer and brand developer with Wall2Wall

"I am currently studying fine art at the University of Ulster, researching ASMR and
creating VR content under the title of TheASMRtist. I blog monthly on VENT and I enjoy
collaborating with musicians and creatives on artistic photoshoots. I have an exhibition
coming up next month at Stendhal festival in the main stage tent."

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