Sunday, 17 July 2016


Go Girl Belfast is a collaborative group for creative women in Northern Ireland that began in March of 2016 and fronted by an inspiring and creative lady called Cheylene Murphy. It was a concept that both Ciara McMullan and she had had and began to pull together in March of 2015. They invited a group of girlfriends and aquaintances to come together and meet, and from then on it has been growing and morphing into a support system of creatives from all walks of life. Since then there have been many collaborative projects from art, music, performance, illustration, photography and many more.

When I first became aware of Go Girl, I was excited to meet new people and be able to expand my friendship group with more like-minded women within the arts. My first oppertunity to collaborate was when we decided to write a song for the #FreeTheNipple campaign. It was an oppertunity that I don't think I would of ever seen myself taking part in, and yet I had such an interesting and amazing experience doing it. From then on I decided that with any oppertunity that came my way, I would roll with it.

This month on VENT I hope to bring a few posts that showcase all of the fantastic elements of Go Girl and why it is such a great oppertunity to join a girl gang, or creative collaborative group and why I think it is so important to have a support network of skilled innovative makers when you work within the arts. This month has been an exciting one to work towards for me!


For this post we collaborated with Dr Martens and met up in their Belfast store ahead of a GG brunch catch-up. This was the first time I have worked with Go Girl on a fashion based post and it was a really fun experience to play around with fashion and styling with them.

Dr Martens have just released a marble collection instore, featuring a range of footwear, satchels and t-shirts. As my style has been developing over the last few years, I have found myself opting more for a monochrome look and any of the pieces within that collection would look the part in my wardrobe. Cheylene and I got to test out the marble 8 eye Pascal boots and we instantly transformed into posey punk princesses. My personal favourite piece was the white 11" marble leather satchel (which is now my new go-to handbang) - it is slick, stunning and I have been able to style it my outfits everyday with ease; perfect!

What I loved about checking out the range with the other girls was how each of our personal styles varied, yet we could all find a style that worked great. Katie opted for the most beautiful mermaid opulence pair of boots that are the most perfect disco-dancing, festival clodhoppers I've seen.
Alice was able to match her hair with a cute turqoise brogue, whilst Helen got a little "This Is England" with her tartan socks and green brogue duo.

Big thanks to the staff in Dr Martens store for having us, and letting us take over the shop. We had loads of fun playing around with our style and can't wait to get up to more antics like this in the future!

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