Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Back in May I teamed up with Ciara McMullan on a collaborative project for dance
company Blindful. Abbie Madden is GirlBoss behind blindful and approached me to work
with her after seeing my work with Beauty Sleep online. We met up for a coffee and chat,
and planned to shoot the following week with intentions of involving 4 performers (Rachel
Sofley, Ryan O'Neill, Emmen Donnelly) and photographer Ciara McMullan.

The shoot took place in the basement of Viva Retro - where the old AU parties took place.
It was a wreck, with lots of random junk scattered about the place. I had actually taken
part at a different shoot in this location for my friend's band video (HERE). The dancers
wore white on white on white and took it in turns to toss and throw the powder as they
moved around the space. It was an awful lot of Beyoncé, but so beautiful to watch the
talented dancers bend and pull shapes. 

I've seen Ciara's portfolio for this project and her images are just spectacular. You can
check them out on the Facebook page for Blindful, and soon coming to the Blindful website too.

Since starting to work on this project together, I have gotten to know Abbie better and
worked with her on a different project by Katie Richardson in the Mac called Murmur. She
is a talented woman and she has so much passion and drive when it comes to performing,
I know she has a bright future ahead of her.  Abbie hopes to work again with Katie
Richardson on the ToBeBeautiful movement, and will continue to be working hard with all
inclusive dance projects.

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