Sunday, 8 May 2016


Since starting up VENT and sticking to it over the past three years, I have definitely noticed a change in my approach to life. Before I would of coasted by, doing minimal workload and just sort of hanging out and doing pretty much nothing with my spare time, and summer holidays. But since finding a creative focus and a discipline that is very demanding of my time, there has been a huge change in how I approach any kind of work, and it has affected my social-life and mental health drastically.

My time management and planning has gone from cramming for exams in the last minute, to completion of my degree coursework over a month early. I had to constantly make time for writing, PR and emails, photo-shoots, coursework, planning, collaboration projects and meetings, ASMR research and filming, teaching placement and volunteering. Not to mention squeezing in a social life, and occasional night set aside to unwind, destress and connect back to myself and my family. The list reads like a lot, and sometimes it really feels like too much, but now I have a drive for it like never before.

As a part of my new years resolutions for 2016, I decided that I would push my blog to be an authentic and true display of my passions for all of my interests and passions; from artistic direction, photography, fashion and styling, practicing as an artist. This blog is a place I can express myself and share my thoughts, things and amazing talented people that surround me.  Somehow because of this platform I have been able to share so much with you, (the reader) and so many other social media connections, and I get such a buzz when you want to check it out, or find it interesting. It gives me an indescribable feeling of joy, and it pushes me to go further, work harder, get involved and join in on each and every collaboration, experience and learning opportunity I can get my hands on. 

It is in these opportunities that I find inspiration, and I can aspire to push on hard and hold on to every single great moment along the road. Gone are the days where I would complete my workload with minimal effort - Life will give back what you put in, and I am all in.

Not much good came out of my "party girl" phase, other than some incredible memories and friends, and a shit-tonne of dodgy life lessons. Now, even as I have less and less work-free time to get out and socialize, I am much happier being productive, and purposeful days that bring a little more meaning to life; it is fucking awesome.  

Seriously though, since getting a discipline, so many doors have opened for me, and they can open for anyone who can put their mind to it! It has been a fantastic way to stay focused on my passions. Most people have a discipline that they are interested in; be it a sport, reading and learning, an artistic output, or a type of work, we can all feel fantastic by working hard and it can definitely help achieve a better mental state.

I have met so many fantastic people through blogging and I decided to invite two inspiring and fashionable girl bosses to join me on VENT and write about their own disciplines in the hope that they might inspire you too!  Each Sunday of May there will be a post here on VENT; One by Lucy Graham from The Garage, and the other by T-J Tytler of GingerSnapsVintage. I for one can't wait to share them, so be sure to check in.

All images above are my own, however photographer Matthew Johnston and Rebecca McBride joined us on the first shoot and have taken some amazing images that you can find HERE and HERE.
I really enjoy working in this set up and I plan to do it more often. As much as I find the quality that comes with film so beautiful and nostalgic, it can sometimes be missing a lot of the details I love - this way it allows for me to showcase some incredibly talented photographers in Belfast who work on the same shoots, but in their own style. They bring so many of their ideas to the table and it makes on location shoots much more interesting and enjoyable for me! I hope you lot enjoy checking out their stuff too!

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