Thursday, 10 December 2015


I am loving putting together outfits again! I haven't gone out and bought a bunch of new clothes, as everything you see here is pretty ooold, but I have started to wear fishnets again.

Fishnets you say? Why fishnets? Because, look at how bad ass I look, that's why, you FOOL! I have managed to turn pretty boring get ups into punk heaven, with the aid of those and my new/ very old docs.

One of my bestest chummies in all the land, (yes, the one who is constantly featured in my Kodak Moments posts and the reason why I am considering changing the name of my blog to "Julianne's Face Appreciation Fan Girl Club", man her face is so good.) has decided to move into my gaff. There are a few reasons as to why this is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Reason 1: We are both single, but needy in equal measures. This means we enjoy a good 5am party upon the Mess Express, but some nights we just need to feel loved and eat pizza in bed watching documentaries and noozing. She's the perfect heterosexual life partner I could of ever asked for.

Reason 2: She likes baths. Not like 'Oh I enjoy a good bath as much as the next gal - nonono. She LIKES baths, like, as much as I do. Which is a daily occurrence. Before she lived here, she would come over and spend a few hours in the bath with me, Netflixin' and chilling out in the bubbles. And she doesn't pee in the bath like my brother used to, so that's also good. We are fiiiinally going to get our best-friend tattoos next month, and they are totally going to be bath themed. OH THE CHEESE!

Reason 3: She eats a lot of shit. I want some crisps but I can't be bothered leaving the house? She has a packet stashed under her pillow. I wanna eat pizza for breakfast, but can not warrant cooking a whole one for myself, she'll go halfers. I need a Boojum, but I only had one yesterday so I shouldn't really? She will tell me it's okay and come with me, only to order the same thing and go halfers on a side. She's perfect.

Reason 4: She has ridiculously tiny feet, LIKE ME! Do you guys even know how hard it is to find a decent pair of shoes in size 3 in Belfast without spending a gazzillion pounds, of course you don't because you likely have averaged sized feet, unlike us. I love me a good pair of shoes, and it's clear to see with my collection being pretty laaaarge (unlike my feet, sorry!), and so does she. Thus double the amount of footwear. See them Docs I'm wearing up there? Yeah they are one of our shared pairs of kickers. Read it and weep ladies. Sharing truly is caring.

I will say this though. As I sit typing out this big massive gush sesh about how much I am infatuated with my pal, I am actually really pissed at her. She borrowed my foundation this morning, but then took it to work with her and now I am sitting with the worst make-up I have ever done to myself (using concealer as foundation is NEVER a good idea). She's ruined me.

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