Saturday, 5 December 2015


I bought my beautiful Missoni black round framed glasses from Specsavers over two years ago. It has been a beautiful relationship, me and m'frames. They made me look smart, but also trendy, and they hid many an eye bag on a tired morning. They travelled with me, and have been bent and twisted in as many ways imaginable.

Now, hinge slightly busted after a child I was au pairing for decided to stamp on them with trekking boots, it was time to say goodbye.

The time was upon me to pop into Specsavers for a wee health M.O.T and to pick out a new style. I was pretty stoked because I had already had a nosey on-line at all of their new range and already had a fairly good idea as to what sort of looks I wanted to go for.

I have always gone to Specsavers for my glasses. They are reliable, helpful and definitely one of the top brands to turn to when looking for affordable, stylish glasses. When I was younger, my mother would of taken me to the local optician in my home town. The glasses were lame, over-priced and it generally made the idea of wearing glasses, a miserable one. It was definitely a chore growing up, and I used to feel embarrassed about it. Things have changed now, and glasses are coming to be one of my favourite fashion accessories.

I met and chatted with about four members of staff throughout my eye-test, and each and every one of them were super informative, and it was genuinely a bit of craic. Neal Kerr, the Ophthalmic Director, walked me through each step of the testing and suggested that I try a free-trial of the daily contacts. I had never had contacts before as I am not a huge fan of things going in my eyes (is anyone really?) and I had the impression that my specific eye sight would not allow for me to wear daily lens. Under the wrong impression it would seem, so I signed up for the trial. I was terrified still about learning how to put them in and take them out. I mean, what if one of those bad boys got stuck in my eye and would result in my eye engulfing them and then I would have a gangly eye!

All was well though because I sat with Andrena for a while as she taught me how to do everything safely and without risk. I left that place feeling like a pro. One week on and although I don't have any issues with them now, I think I will stick to my glasses. I found myself going to push them up, and put them on about 100 times a day, only to realize that my sight was perfect. With new frames, it seems a waste to be wearing contacts. I had a few great nights out without my frames steaming up and falling off on the dancefloor (which seems to happen to me often!).

So after I got tested I had a look at the eye-wear range, and really enjoyed shopping through the frames. I fell in love with about ten pairs, and narrowing it down to just two was a tricky task. In the end I went for a fairly modern, see through plastic, thick frame, and a vintage look tortoise shell pair. I loved the idea of mixing it up with a contemporary pair, but also having the traditional look to fall back on.

I really love my new glasses and I think they will be so fun to style with my outfits in the future. My frames were gifted by Specsavers, however, everything that I have mentioned in this post is one-hundred percent my own opinion (because no business in the world would ever ask a blogger to use the word gangly).

CONVERSE 06 (contemporary-look clear plastic frames)
HARRIER (vintage-look round tortoise-shell frames)

ALIKE TO THESE (dark grey cat eye)
MAX AND CO 01(iridescent thick)
MAX AND CO 07 (White frames)

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