Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I am so excited to finally come to the end of this mammoth year with you guys. Throughout this year I started a new segment to the blog which featured snippets of my personal daily life through the eyes of a point and shoot film camera. I thought this was a perfect way to show my day to day life in little pretty bursts. Sometimes the photographs are a bit dodgy, featuring double-chins that we weren't expecting, crappy angles and over exposed. But other times I will be flicking through a newly developed roll to find that a pal has snapped something beautiful, or there will be moments I have forgotten happened, and it's such a great addition to my life, never mind my blog.

In this day and age, we have access to cameras on phones, tablets, cars, and hell, even glasses. We snap everything, from food, to friends, nature and animals, and it's exciting. But there is definitely a throw-away element to the abundance of technology. I have a thousand photos on my own phone that probably won't see the light of day, and aren't all too interesting. But then I could have the same photograph taken on film. There becomes this new unspoken property to the photograph that makes it special and places more importance on it. This magic is what really brings so much enjoyment to writing for Kodak Moments, and to continue to use film on VENT. 

I have been using Snappy Snaps Belfast for all of my developing needs since the start of 2014, and they have never let me down. They are so reliable, a bit of a saving grace for VENT, and the staff are friendly and dead on. They are so helpful that just last week they developed 2 films within 15 minutes right before closing, after a chummy forgot to drop them in for me. It was all so very stressful but those guys stepped up to the challenge, and didn't even throw any shade (which, to be honest, you would expect from someone who just came in before closing asking for such tall demands). What a big ol' bunch of babes.

Maybe checking out the blog has inspired you to get out snapping for yourself in the New Year, which would be so great. It is such a rewarding wee task. Perhaps set yourself the "photo a day" challenge and at the end of each month you would have such a lovely bunch of photographs to look back on. There are so many things in past Kodak Moments that I forget about until I go back and have a look. It's the best online-memory-box and I can't urge you enough to do it for yourself! (Not forgetting to get them developed in Snappy Snaps Belfast - they do offers all the time on their FACEBOOK page too!) 

VENT is sponsored by Snappy Snaps Belfast, however this post was not paid for, and the abundances of compliments, and opinions are my own. They're just a great bunch of lads!

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