Friday, 11 December 2015


Baby it's cold outside, but let's adventure out anyway!

Autumn and winter make me a big ol' fatty, from staying in and eating all 'round me, to just hopping in a bus or taxi instead of walking because it's too wet & grim to exercise. It's not just me though, I can attempt to pull a mate out for a brisk afternoon walk and they will throw me a look of disgust and fire on Netflix before burying themselves under a mountain of blankets.

I'll tell ye what though, getting out and about in this weather can be some amount of craic. When you wrap up in big coats, with hats, scarves and the lot you can really benefit from the fresh air and find yourself cracking a smile about it all.
Last week I took a leisurely stroll along the Lagan river, and over to the Titanic building for a spot of lunch; and it was terrible weather. Windy, with a spot of rain and just generally a bit grey, but I loved it! Sometimes you can forget about the benefits of fresh air and a good leg shake when you focus on all of the negatives of leaving the house.

I brought my SWIG hip flask with some whiskey to keep me warm as we braced the bath weather. You can check out some of their awesome designs HERE. I chose the Harris Tweed Jacket and classic flask which I think looks super cool and adds a nice touch to an otherwise simple item. I think this would make a pretty neat crimbo present for someone who likes a sneaky tipple here and there, and you could even opt for a personalised flask gift set, complete with funnel and gift box (this one's m'fav). 
Why not check another gift off of your Christmas list?

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