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I mean you, as in the person reading this right now. It has been a year of intense writing and documenting my life and you have followed me through to now, that's pretty kind of you! Here I decided that I would post up 15 of my favourite Kodak Moments from 2015 and sort of sum up my year. This was one of the trickiest posts to pull together, as I sit here with mascara covered cheeks and a heart bursting with love. I looked through all of my posts and had to narrow down 50 odd favourite images to 15; it wasn't easy. Looking back at the posts from the start of the year I have seen some subtle, and some drastic changes in myself and I am so proud and happy to know that I have come out of this end of things filled with more love, better understanding of the world, bigger life aspirations, closer friendships and with family by my side through it all. It hasn't been an easy year, by any stretch of the imagination, but I couldn't and wouldn't change it for the world.

I began 2015 living in a two bedroom flat with the beaut lady featured above. We would watch GIRLS all night and chug down glasses of white wine and eat our way through profiteroles like our lives depended on it. Two little artists living in the perfect city flat, with amazing views over the Botanic area. The kitschy space held host to countless parties with both friends and strangers, up to all hours singing Daniel Bedingfield songs whilst bouncing on the sofas and sharing kisses. I would wake up, dying a death, clean the house (which wasn't that hard as it was only two rooms!) and sort my life out as I prepared for the next night filled with fun characters. I think this was such an important time for me as I took a break from uni, and experienced what it was to be a young and free party girl. I got that whole thing out of my system, and whilst I enjoyed it, I'm not too sure how I feel about drinking three bottles of wine in one go now.

In August, after a few weeks of sofa surfing with friends and my boyfriend at the time, I was finally moving into my new house. It was one of the most stressful moves I have ever had in my life as I hate not having all of my things in one place, that I can call home, but the most rewarding. I was able to move all of my belongings into a house that I know I won't have to move out of for yeeears. My bedroom in my old house back home is gutted out and looks like a show room, and my new room is so flippin' Pinterest you wouldn't believe it. I love it here so much, and even more so now that I live with a few of my favourite people in the woooorld.

A big part of my life every year is returning to the North Coast of Ireland to recuperate from partying and general business of the city. My childhood is filled with fond memories of days by the sea, climbing mountains and adventuring in castle ruins. This summer has been filled with adventures of the like, but I am always keen to take a friend or two with me. One of my favourite stay-cations was with a big aul crew as we spent the day visiting some of my most loved spots in the Ballycastle area. I am so fond of the picture above as I remember throwing off my coat, laying down with the sun beating my face, and eating very sugary shortbread that I had bought from a tiny cafe that morning when we all demolished frys and worked through our hangovers. It was just such a perfect moment watching them build a dam and taking a dip in the sea; picture perfect!

I have visited mainland UK a lot in the past, and lived in Newcastle for a while too, but it has always been for work, blogging or for a family getaway. This year I was able to visit a few friends, check out London with my sister and get piercings. I booked a last minute trip and flew over to Glasgow (alone, and it was one of the most terrifying flights I have ever experienced) and hung out with my friend Niall and his band, and contemplated suicide when we ended up in the worst bar known to man in Manchester (overpriced and over-run by young sweaty kids, in the pissing rain, where they charged you to go outside, like, what?). I am excited to get booking a few more mainland trips for January '16 after university assessments to visit some chummies and just be in a different scene again.

I embarked on my first journey alone outside of the UK to become an au pair for some little Italian kids, and to experience a different culture. I will always look at this adventure with fondness (even as so much went wrong), and remember all of the sweet eats. Pizza, pasta, pepperoni, ham, cheese, so much cheese, more cheese, fresh vegetables and even more pizza. God those guys knew how to put together a good feed. I also visited Austria on my travels and seen some incredible views, like the one above, got a terrible sun burn, and a strangers child bit me. All in the name of a good adventure though, ey?

I think pretty much everyone has online friendships that exist only on social media. Being a blogger has meant that I have met so many people who are like-minded in the realms of fashion, but I have also become a part of the ASMR community online, and it has been pretty flippin sweet being a part of both. I have suffered with social anxiety quite a lot this year, bailing on events I have helped to run, and cancelling on friends in the last minute with pathetic excuses, so meeting any online-chummies was just not something I reckoned I would have been able to achieve this year, but I proved myself wrong. It's been really nice getting to know a few of the girls around NI who love blogging, and even involving them in my blog, and art practice has been a super cool experience. The internet is the best sometimes.

Sure, what Kodak Moment could be complete without Chummies to take the picture of? It has been a blast just goofing around, heading to bars and gigs, and generally just having a good time, with a good aul bunch of lads. The other day I was starting to look through all of the developed films from 2015, with one batch that I had completely forgotten about. They were from a few different nights, but one of the nights we had headed to a Bronx gig and there were so many smiley, sweaty faces that I love to see. It made me giggle and I can't wait until my children stumble upon them and ask me all sorts about the questionable people I picked out as friends, with even more questionable hairstyles than my own.

It's definitely getting harder to keep in contact with childhood friends, and there are only a handful that I know I will carry throughout my life. This summer was a hectic one for my best friend, and now as she is shoulders-deep in PGCE work, seeing her is a rarity, but one I am always grateful for. This summer she made my birthday so special by spending it with me in Belfast at the Tall Ship Festival and heading out for a gig. I couldn't of asked for a better day and I can't wait for her to graduate so I have a few more chances to see that special girl.

Those two up there, (along with a little Miss who has moved to Glasgow) they are my bestest pals in the whole wide world. They have made this year such a flippin' treat. You couldn't ask for a more supportive, loving and down-right hilarious friendship circle than the one I have somehow managed to end up with. It has been such a treat growing even more closer together and even living together. I know that next year will be filled with even more strange adventures (like 6am Tesco runs looking like drug-addicts, more "Big Day Out" terrors, Tattoos and butt scars), but we really had a great one. I don't think I could quite put a favourite down, as I love Monday night cocktails in Filthys, having baths that last for hours together contemplating life, and general Lucy Goody banter with these ones. I have laughed 'til I cried, and cried 'til I laughed, but I guess that's just what you should expect when you have a tight-nit bunch like us!

It's been a weird one for the family this year as we have all finally moved out of home. The youngest baba is now the ripe ol' age of 18 and has moved the the big smoke, leaving the 'rents to fend for themselves and live a far more pleasant and quiet life without the kiddos yapping in their ears every hour. My sister moved to Dubai after the summer and with everyone being so busy in their own wee worlds it's starting to dawn on me that we are growing up and getting on. It's been over a year since our entire family were all together in one room at the same time, and that kinda sucks! What is great though is just how badass it is to have friends for siblings. There's no one I know who can pop a few shots down the hatch without even a shiver better than my sis, and I am excited to try catch up with her behind the bar this festive season. The photo above was taken on a night out which resulted in me throwing up into my own kitchen bin the next morning, before going to work, projectile vomiting everywhere, then having a boke sesh down the alley en-route home with a homeless man offering assistance. This is why I only drink with my sister on very special occasions.
I'm not even sure whether that was funny, TMI, or just downright gross. Sorry?

Home is where the dogs are. Oh those messy, argumentative, cuddly little bitches! How I love thee! There's nothing like coming into a house with someone crying at how happy they are to see you, whilst also humping your leg. My feed has been pretty filled with m'little hairy pals, and rightly so, because they are two photogenic cool gals. The weekend I took this picture, we realised that Mollie (the big one, a Bernese Mountain Dog) had somehow found an escape route from our garden (which we had as secure as prison grounds). Turns out she had literally dug a tunnel into next doors garden under one of the hedges. That's my girl!

The above photo was taken at a high-ropes course outside of Belfast. It was a really fun trip with the family, but m'god did I shit a brick or two. I had already gotten on airplanes alone, and tackled Primark on a Sunday rush, so ofcourse I was gonna give my fear of heights a run for its money. I  got in a bit of a brawl with my dad who pretty much pushed me off a drop when I was close to tears, but I did a pretty good job of it.
This year I have really pushed myself with getting over the little things, but one thing it took a lot out of me to do was attend CBT and start working towards an anxiety-attack-free life without unnecessary freak outs. I had attended CBT at the start of the year, and as the panic attacks started to clear off, I was pretty sure I was the beez kneez, but I had hidden quite a bit from my therapist and never properly dealed with issues. Things got pretty terrible during the summer and I was a bit of a nightmare to be around, but now, on my second go with CBT, I am really working things out. It has been one of the scariest things I have ever done (outweighing the fear of flying by a mile), but it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I look at 2015 as a huge learning curve that has come out on top. 2016 will be the year I conquer this ol' bitch and leave excessive anxiety in the past. WOOHOO!

Okay, so by becoming I don't mean that I had no history in art, or artistic abilities, as I have been throwing a paintbrush around the show before I even know how to speak. But I finally, really knew what sort of art I was interested in, and good at. I had a dream of becoming a painter, but the artwork I made was not in the slightest bit interesting for me, nor any spectator. But this year as I returned to art college, I decided that I would try and create something that would inspire me each time I approached a project, and that would give me the drive, passion and focus that I need to stick at this degree and bloody graduate already. There was little hope of me finishing, and still wanting to carry on in a career in the arts, but as it stands right now, I have never been more set on a profession in that line of work.
Outside of university coursework I started to create my own art work, and collaborating with other folks on various projects. I'm even trying my hand at being creative and writing music. People who see me on a daily basis know just how much time I put into blogging compulsive cleaning, family, and coursework, and at times my social-life can even dwell a bit because of it, so it seemed only crazy that I would have a handful of extra projects that I decided to add to the list. But when you really, like REEEALLY enjoy something, it doesn't quite feel like work, and this is one of the best decisions I have made in 2015 - to focus on my career and talents. Ewh, even saying the word talent as a reference to myself makes me feel like such a cock-headed plunker, but we all have our own talents that we can put to use and gain so much from. I'm guess I am just glad to of finally copped on to my own and how to utilize it!

I guess I have pretty much wrapped up all of the sweet coolness that was my 2015 in Kodak Moments; it was a big one for me, and I hope a fairly interesting one to read about, because flip me did I write a looooad of ballax. 
This time last year I was having a jolly ol' time with my friends in Belfast, and the same again will be going down this year. I hope you are where ever you want to be during this festive season, with people you love, doing what you love. A big Kodak Moment au revoir to 2015, and a very excitable hello to 2016; hopefully more fun snaps with my chummies, more travelling, adventures, dogs, and toilet-based pictures ('cos thems weird).

You're all super badass, thanks for checking out VENT today, and I will see you in the new year! xo

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Proud of you missus! Can't believe it's been 2 years since I last seen your lovely face, but so chuffed reading that post to see how fab you're doing! Hope you and the rest of the Dallats have a lovely Christmas and New Year xoxoxox

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