Saturday, 28 November 2015


I used to listen to RX Bandits flat out when I was a teen (hence the title of this post). Recently I have been slipping back into old favourites, like Brand New, Usher, oooold Biffy Clyro, Justin Timberlake and Paramore. An eclectic mix for a teen who could never make up her mind on what fashion she loved. I dabbled with every hair colour, wearing tutus as casual day-wear, and ball gown dresses with Emily the Strange docs. I think / hope we can all see that I have moved on from those questionable choices.

Which brings me to my next item; these Snake-skin look stiletto platforms. Even saying those words makes me shudder. What more of a juxtaposition could you have from the scene teenager sporting eye-liner all down her face, to what sounds quite glam rock, or dare I say, something that a fallen women might opt for.

But I tell you what, these bad boys are actually pretty great. I remember back to when I started going clubbing in my under-aged years. I rocked a good heel or two in my time, and they weren't too unlike these guns, and I did it in confidence. I had no fear of falling flat in my face, and really did the whole dressing beyond your years thing pretty darn well. I could probably do with a lesson or two from seventeen year old me yenno.

Now, a sophisticated twenty-something takes to the tiles, a little shaky, but feeling pretty god damn sexy in general. It takes a lot for me to say that, because I think I am about as sexy as an OAP's unshaven calve sleeved in saggy socks. But there you go; reach a little beyond your usual fashion favourites and you might just find yourself looking in the mirror and saying "oh hey deeeer good lookin'!"

Check out the heels HERE, or visit ONLINEAVENUE.COM for some pretty inexpensive shoes!


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