Thursday, 19 November 2015



They have been said to be the biggy of 2016, and I have already seen plenty of bloggers near and far take to the streets wearing them. They are terrifying to style, and definitely feel strange to wear, but GODDAMN DOES MY BUTT LOOK GOOD!

Flared jeans are being taken straight from the seventies to bring some hippy vibes to the shelves of the high-streets. Wearing slim cut black on black is getting a shake up and all sorts of famous fashionistas are turning to flares for a major wardrobe update (with Vanessa Hudsen being queen of hip-chic of course).

I styled my own pair from Glamour Outfitters with a bohemian chic blouse from Next and platforms. I accessorized, as anyone from the seventies would of; with key-hole sunnies and a tasselled bag. It was such a fun look!

I still remember my first pair. I wanted to be like Nelly Furtado. I got them from Tammy Girl (man! do you remember Tammy? That was the place to go if you were a cool cat!). I loved them so much and my mother wouldn't let me wear them until after Christmas. Then I wore them flat out, until they became frayed and I grew inches taller. It was a sorrow-filled goodbye.
Now at the age of 23, I don't think I will be growing much taller than I am now (however not much can be said about my width), so hopefully these boys will be wearable for the next few years as the trend comes back. Well I hope so, because, MAN SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT MY BUTT. I'm feeling so J-Lo.

I seriously cringe over myself so much on a daily basis. This is one of those times. #butt


If you are lovin' these and are prepared for the new season, why not grab the exact same pair HERE from Glamour Outfitters?! I wore a size 10, and they were a perfect fit! (I know we all hate buying jeans online, because the internet sometimes lies, but not this time, pinkie promise!).

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