Monday, 23 November 2015


I was introduced through a friend to someone as being a writer. I was very confused and frankly just never would of marked myself talented enough to even be considered a writer. Sure, I do this VENT thing like once a week or so, but there's never too much substance to it. It's very digestible, and I'm sure it's interesting enough (otherwise, sure what are you even doing here now?), but it's not exactly the kind of thing that makes you go - 'Hmm, that was a very well written piece of work that I will think about down the line".

Yeah yeah, sometimes I write about things that are close to the heart and maybe take a lot more out of me to write, but most of the time it comes out of me like word vomit and I don't have to put much thought into it. Like even right now, I don't really have a specific outcome for writing this, it is just popping into my head and my hands are typing it out as fast as physically possible before my stream of thought changes to something completely irrelevant. But, it can't be that hard a thing to do, can it? Most people I know have kept a diary of sorts growing up at one stage or another, and this is just my version of Dear Diary.

Something I have always appreciated was the writing that goes behind lyrics and music. It can sometimes speak to me on such a personal level, I wonder if the musician has access to my brain at night. It sometimes can be so ridiculous, or genius, sad or joyful. It's no different from writing a blog post, except that you must have the talent to carry it off and musical abilities.  I tried my hand at it a while back when myself and some chummies wrote a song for the #FreeTheNipple campaign (HERE) and I really enjoyed it. But recently I wanted to see if I could write something really personal and translate it into a song. I even wrote the music and everything. Now, I'm not exactly calling myself a musician here, in any way, shape or form, but it has been an interesting experiment and I am excited to see it through. I teamed up with my bud Brendan Seamus again and we have just finished the demo and are all set to record it now. It's very strange to see it change from me sitting at my laptop and fiddling about with my ukulele in the bath, to a real thing that other people will hear instead of read. It freaks me out a lot to be honest. I don't know how musicians release albums, upon albums of this stuff - it's terrifying.

I'll maybe just stick to hiding behind a laptop screen from now on, pretending to know about being a 'writer', listening to music from the real artists who know what their doing.

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