Tuesday, 3 November 2015


So I'm sure by now, everyone has heard about the blogger turned model who has decided to turn her back on social media, or rather not.
When my friends and I watched her video, I was completely cut down the middle about whether she was genuine or whether it was a ploy (due to the fact she was advertising herself in there too) - harsh, but it all comes down to that idea that we are all being scrutinised when we lost anything online. 

It seemed that a lot of her issues lay in the effort she put into her online presence, and how it made her self-esteem bloom or fall. And that's a dangerous idea. As a blogger myself (who enjoys a good selfie or two) I have to say that I have never really measured my self-worth through the number of followers or likes that I have got online, and I certainly have never sat for hours trying to gain "the perfect selfie". 

Hey sure, I catfish fuckers as much as the next girl, and I definitely like to hide behind my hand in photos so that the world won't see what hideous zits are renting out my chin that week- but there are hundreds (nah...more like thousands) of photos of me online, fat rolls and double chins. I'm not proud of them, and they'd be the last things I would imagine putting on a tinder profile, but there hilarious, and real.

I do think I put effort into my online presence, from editing my Instagram to have boarders and trying to make my lunch look as food porny as possible; but I think once you start to create an online persona for yourself that is so different to who you truly are that's when you're cruising through shit creek.
I work with brands often, but only when I want to (because I genuinely like their stuff) and when i have full reign on what I want to write about. Yes, blogging is hard work when you get money and business involved, but it's important to not make it a chore, or completely false otherwise you will end up clambering for success and second guessing yourself, and changing for more 'likes'.

I promise I will always share what I want, write as I please, and when I'm feeling shit about myself, I won't spend hours applying make up and posing, I'll ignore every single one of yous, climb into bed with some baked goods and watch Dr.Phil.

Ever since I began using disposable cameras for blogging, instead of working with photographers and trying to understand how to edit spots out and make my face appear more glowing and radiant, I have been so much more happier with my content. I have shot photographs of real people in real situations wearing my real style and yes, there have been reaaaally big zits and fat rolls, and I was stoked to post them. It's super refreshing to just use this blogging platform as a diary of what actually goes on in life, rather than as a money making, completely fabricated and frankly fake space of misery. 

I don't start editing pictures from that super awesome gig I went to to post photos online that night, yenno, so that everyone knows I have a social life. When pals and I take selfies together, we don't look at the photos and cringe to "take a better one". We are making good Kodak memories in real time, without the worry of the online world (well..until I get the camera developed at Snappy Snaps, because the staff there have definitely copped an eyeful of more than they bargained for).

I don't think that there was a real reason as to why I am posting this other than to let everyone know that, yes there are bloggers out there who are likely miserable in their pristine white flat that is filled with cute cacti and micro dogs, and are making a mint but have crippling self esteem issues, but there are also people who are using blogging as a sweet ass platform to share cool, fun, helpful or even at times a bit darn depressing, but are using it on a more real level. And God I hope I am one of em! 

If you can even relate to any of this in anyway, be it that you find yourself a bit of a catfisher, or you worry too much about your social media platform or follower count, get yourself a disposable camera and leave the phone at home! It's so incredibly worth it.

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