Sunday, 25 October 2015


As promised, here we have a post featuring my new Docs that I picked up a few weeks back from the Belfast Dr.Marten's store. I can't seem to find the online link but these bad boys HERE are very similar and come in both men/women's sizing. 
I have to say that since bringing these lovelies home, I have been wearing them flat out. I was finally able to say adios to my pathetic haggered and done to death Topshop Chelsea boots as I know for a fact that my new pair will be around for quite a while, because of the quality of them (they are just so goddamn perfect).

My dress was from last season's range in Topshop and has the most beautiful wee details, like the lace-up sides and bell sleeves. So seventies darling! Picked this up for fifteen quid whilst I was on the hunt for Christmas presents for my sister. Yes, I am THAAAT kind of girl. I plan to have all of my presents organized by the end of the month so that I can sit back, relax and not have to spend my days gallivanting through busy Belfast, getting knocked over by flustered moms in duffle-coats.

I wore this outfit to the last ever Radar gig that took place last week, with headliners Mojo Fury. It is so sad to see the end of Radar as it has a place in my heart that no other event will ever fill. Thursday nights, catching a train from the coast to the big city, and sipping on a humungus bottle of the cheapest cider Tescos had to offer, before traipsing up to the SU with a flock of companions to watch whatever was on show that week. Flat out. Never missing a week for fear of having FOMO. It is the sad end of an era. Granted you would never catch me drinking that cheap poison nowadays and I would much rather fork out on a nice hotel that crash on a cigarette-stained, booze-infused sofa with a strangers foot in my face - But I will only ever recall the Radar Thursdays with a fondness. #RIPRADAR


Unknown said...

This whole outfit is amazing. I tried this dress on in ballymena last week & was absolutely raging it was too small! Euugh. Ive always been scared to get docs because of the initial breaking in you have to do!

Unknown said...

looks good. the pose is professional. and the dress is sweet

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