Thursday, 22 October 2015


Although the official countdown for crimbo has not aaactually begun, and Halloween is still not past yet; there is still the burning knowledge that Christmas is only around the corner (less than 8 weeks away to be precise!), and we have approximately 19472 things that we need to get done before then.
Luckily enough, now with the invention of the internet, we can sit back with a cup of hot coco in front of the fire (or blow heater), enjoy all the festive films cropping up on Netflix, and shop from the comfort of our own homes. Glory be to that, because frankly leaving the house to go shopping any other time of the year leaves me an anxious wreck, but at Christmas time is just a straight up death-wish.
A website I have turned to quite a few times in the past is the Internet Gift Store. The site has always got amazing original gifts for all sorts of occasions and I have gotten some amazing birthday, Christmas, and even engagement presents off of the site (including this super cute 1950's style Diner Telephone, I know cute, right?). But on the run up to Christmas, these guys seem to have loads of quirky gift ideas for, well, pretty much everyone to be honest. If I had it my way, I would just sit down, and knock out my entire shopping list in one day and bask in my own glory of having my shit together, and this might be a winner for me this year.
Anyway.. The lovely folk behind the Internet Gift Store were so kind as to send me a little something-something in the run up to the holidays in the form of a super cute Advent Calendar. But boys, this ain't no "off-tasting-chocolate-but-i'm-still-gonna-eat-it-anyway-advent calendar", no no, this was a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar. &in the shape of a carousel. Oh man. 

Despite all of the stress ahead with the season to be jolly, I kind of forgot how freaking class it is. Belfast may become a busy little stress pot, but the bars are buzzing with smiley warm faces, and the continental market comes to town as we all whip on our mittens and scarves and brace the cold to get our frozen lips around a cuppa mulled wine. It's hard to not enjoy the festivities, and now I can't wait for it to come!

P.S, you can totes grab your own Yankee Candle Advent Carousel to get in the festive mood, and now with 30% off : HERE #TreatYoSelf

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