Saturday, 17 October 2015


Recently with the hectic agendas of my weekdays, followed by frantic weekends trying to catch up on missed deadlines, work, emails and all things blog related, I have been appreciating every small break I have been able to grasp on to.  Be it an hour in the afternoon where I can pop the kettle on and melt on the sofa, or a Sunday morning with boy on a brisk walk, each moment feels like a mini-vacation.

Heading to my folk's home away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the perfect excuse to leave all textbooks and tablets behind and steal some 'me-time'. This weekend was meticulously planned so that I was able to run away from the lights, and hold my breathe in a bath filled with water and bubbles. Shapes were thrown on a night out, followed by a morning of blogging activities, lunch, editing, road-tripping, couch potatoe-ing, charity working, quality family timing, with enough space on my scheduled to prepare myself for another hectic week.

Something I have really been appreciating this year is VENT itself. Often I friend's "time-hop" notifications on Facebook and it's so great to have little reminders of past memories; however VENT really brings me back to my most treasured memories, and exactly how I was thinking and feeling at the time. It's always going to be a strange notion to keep an online journal, but definitely one that I find to be a very rewarding one. It's pretty mental to think about how it is nearly two years of continuously blogging weekly and what a journey it has been, with so many fantastic memories encapsulated along with some fantastic opportunities!

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