Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I am learning not to be quite so comfortable all of the time. Lately I have been working so many different projects starting at the crack of dawn, right up until I collapse in a heap on my bed that night; and it has been absolutely exhausting.
I decided to take risks in my work and trying things out differently from how people might expect me to –and rather than worrying about every process along the way, and going it alone, I have been involving people and approaching the whole thing with confidence. I decided when starting this new chapter of work that I wouldn’t hold back, and I would really try to create a response to subjects that I actually care for and have a genuine interest of. Before, I would have feared this approach, scared of what others would think, or whether my input would be worth a decent grade – but so far it has paid off so well in immediate gratification.

I also got involved in a project outside of university life when approached to create art with some local musicians. Now half way through the process I am excited again about creating, collaborating and stepping out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I am fearful at stepping away from what I am used to doing and what I know – and now I consider risky ideas, and just go for it. Suddenly this burst of energy and drive comes out from nowhere, and I get so hyped up.

I think everyone has a risky idea, whether it be a different move in education, a career change or moving away – but ultimately when you decide to start moving and making changes, you’ll realise there is a drive and ambition within you that just needed a little kick up the hole to get going, and you’ll love it. 


Unknown said...

Love the old school feel of the photos. And I can really relate to the drive and ambition you get when you have an exciting project or are determined to make a change x

Zoe | www.ibelieveinromeo.com

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

I think that's a great attitude to have Megan - and yes it does take guts, but life is too short for anything else. I'm not quite there yet but great to hear that it's working for you. ps if you don't already watch Casey Neistat on youtube, I think you'd love - his best of vids are a great place to start x https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

Unknown said...

Agh Nic I love casey neistat's videos!

I think I got a bit caught up in worrying about the my future and whether I am doing the right things, but I think more than anything the most important thing for me (and everyone else) is to be doing everything I want and can now, in case I regret it later on in life. Learning a lot of new things from this approach. It's almost like the Say Yes approach to life, but not doing things I don't want to, are boring or not beneficial! xxxxx

Unknown said...

Yes! Keep up the good work girl and never loose it! xxx

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