Friday, 9 October 2015


Agh boys, Culture Night. One of the best nights out that Belfast has to offer, but unfortunately it only happens once a year..
This year I spent majority of my soaking up culture-ness watching magicians and sharing a glass or two in annies, and busting some questionable moves - but my favourite part of the night was attending the gig // installation put on by the wonderful Katie Richardson (or Goldie Fawn to some!)

Beauty Parlour was set up in the Assembly rooms as a part of 'To Be Beautiful'. It had the likes of Shauna Tohill (REWS), Stephen Macartney, and Goldie Fawn herself playing beautiful sets all through the evening. The room was filled with mirrors and the walls were covered in words from frail, fat and ugly, to beautiful, confident and strong. There was a selfie station and an interactive wall where participants were given the opportunity to answer the big aul question of 'WHAT IS BEAUTY?'. Aside from all of the positive self-image exploration that went down, the performance of To Be Beautiful (a song written in response to how the media portrays beauty and the effects that this has upon people's self-esteem and body-images), along with a dance-performance from Off the Rails Dance, was an incredible moment of the night. It was uncomfortable to watch the dance but was definitely the last push home and demanded an  emotional response from those who understood the experience. But I think that anyone who participated, left feeling more confident in themselves; and that's a big job for one lady to concur, but she did!

If you are interested in battling negative body issues, talking about eating disorders, and speaking out about what it is #ToBBeautiful - join in on the conversation!
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