Saturday, 3 October 2015




It is the end of my second full week of university and I really am starting to build a great practice for myself. One of my biggest fears for returning was the idea of being thrown in at the deep end after two years away, and plummeting into the pits of despair.

Now, I could lie and say errythangs been hunky dory, because I would love to give off that idea, and more than anything I would love to believe it. But truth is, it has been a real tough week.
I have had a few panic attacks just within the last 7 days, and anxiety has been pretty off the charts when it came to sitting down in a room filled with people for lectures - but despite all of this, I am determined to not let it get me down - or worst still, stop me from achieving the grades I want. I had to take a day off and spend it in bed, hiding away and feeling really sorry for myself, but I'm learning to not see that as failure. Yes, getting out of bed and going into class would have definitely been a success, but I think there are definitely times when we all just need to take a step back and bury ourselves with cushions and have a big ol' weep to get all the nasty out of our systems. The main thing is that we are able to pick ourselves up, shake it off and approach life again with a fresh level head.

And I did it.

I caught up on the work I had missed and I created some fresh work using tools and equipment I was frankly terrified of. I went to lectures and I chatted with new friends. It feels great to know that I could of let things get on top of me, I could of let work pile up and I could of not bothered with going this week, but instead I just went for it!

Anyway, there's a very rough looking blog for my practice HERE - not much on there yet (obviously), but if you are interested at all, or just a bit nosey, I'll be hanging out there too.

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