Sunday, 18 October 2015


Last week I was invited by the lovely folks at Dr.Martens to come and visit them and check out their A/W Back to College range, and of-course, I was so on board with the idea.
It was the first time I was able to visit the new store after their move last year to Cornmarket, and the store is oozing with cool. Everything has a place, and boy does it look good in it. There is wall art on the stairway featuring Terri Hooley himself, by the artists behind Visual Waste, and some sweet decor pieces including a Dr.Martens Juke Box on the second floor.

Everyone knows, and trusts the well-known brand and I was excited to see what they had in store and set out on a mission to build a few outfits in different styles. Their range in clothing is top-drawer quality and there was not a single garment that I didn't want to take home with me; from super girly pinafores, grungy over-sized shirts and ultra sleek dresses, they really catered for all sorts of styles.
I particularly enjoyed their range of footwear, and was totally smitten with their beautiful slip on loafers in oxblood (FAVILLA), as they made me feel instantly chic & elegant, which aren't commonly used words when describing Docs typically. But it has to be said that your shoes say a lot about what type of person you are, and Dr.Martens have figured that out with the likes of boots, dolly shoes, loafers, brogues and even heels on sale.

My favourite look of the day was definitely the grunged up gear, as I really let my inner Nirvana fan-girl free and embraced a bare-leg. I'm not one for letting my pins loose on the reg, but I decided that it was important to #StandForFearlessness. Too often I would get dressed and love my outfit, but only to change in the last minute for fear of what others might think, but sure, that's no way to be living! Being fearless shows through in my passions, drive and personality; so why not in my fashion too? To hell with it! I'll ditch the tights more often, feels good man!
..maybe not in the winter winds though.

After my visit, I was gifted a pair of docs and I opted for the INUCK Chelsea Boot as I was sick and tired of constantly replacing the classic boot pair after pair. One of the things that Docs are well-known for are their life-time guarantee on their foot-wear. Now that's something I can get on-board with! I will be featuring the boots in an outfit post in the not too distant future, so keep an eye pealed for that. 

If you spotted something you like the look of, why not pop into the shop, or check out their online store HERE. But until then, why not #STANDFORSOMETHING and leave a comment about what you stand for?


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