Tuesday, 22 September 2015



So as you may have caught on by now, I am back at uni after a two year break to finish off my fine art degree (and by gosh I will actually follow through this time!).

It's been really strange getting back into the swing of things again, what with lectures, researching and starting to pick up my art practice again. I forgot what it was like to work, and want to work; and how you begin to take inspiration from everyday that you can put towards your practice. It's a very exciting and scary time but I am feeling super positive about it. Perhaps down the line I might share it with you on here if I am feeling confident enough!

I was lucky enough to find that my new housemate is in fact in my class, which meant by default I have already met about 20 lovely people and I am not so scared about being the new girl anymore. However, what is daunting is how much thought I have been putting into my future. I have never been 100% sure of myself in what I would like to do, but now I kind of have to start putting myself in a better position and setting myself up for a job. I never realized just how much I was denying myself before when I kind of refused to adult, but it's kind of mad to see my peers moving on to big PR companies and teaching jobs, and for once, I am actually very very excited about the idea of having a career.

I know, I know, a future career in the arts sector, are you high Megan?
No, I am a dreamer guiiiz, aiming high.. Ha!



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