Sunday, 27 September 2015



Since the dawn of time families have gathered together on a Sunday to feast on the dead carcass of various animals and share a summary of the week, giggle about ol' times and maybe even go a wee dander to work off the food babies.
Things change but the importance of a good feed on the Sabbath remains. Now a good few years on from good clean family living, my Chummies and I have moved on from settling for cheese and beans on toast to put the hangover to bed, and are stepping up to the oven. Naught better than a few roasties that you put the time and tender loving into to bring your pals together. 

It seems that my circle of friends have all immigrated to the Ormeau road area and it suits us just fine. Ice cream on tap, handy wee shop or two to grab a feed, some of the best coffee shops Belfast has to offer and a beautiful big park to boost those endorphins after the hangover blues hit. We are lucky enough to have a fab big 'hang house' - it's like the flat from Friends but a lot bigger, with more alcohol consumption and apple products galore. We all accumulate here before nights out, and after, for TV days, movie marathons and dinner time. Sunday's are the best though. Everyone seems to be free from the stress of work, and the good times roll. But then again, Monday is tomorrow..

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