Sunday, 20 September 2015



I really enjoy going on little adventures - even if it is just a trip around the corner. I have always been brought up to enjoy day trips with my family on a weekly basis and there are so many locations that are so close to home that are incredibly beautiful.

Sharing them with friends for the first time is such a great feeling. You get to show them somewhere they mightn't of known of otherwise, and you see the beauty through a new set of eyes. A few Sundays back we took two cars full of friends and we checked out some of my favourite spots around my hometown on the north coast. It was really cool to go out in the group like that as we tend to spend a good chunk of time being couch potatoes and hitting the bar; but climbing over rocks, taking a paddle and building dams were a welcomed change.

The weather is well and truely changing, and with autumn only days away, I think everyone has started to dig out their heavier coats and prepare for the inevitable freeze and shitty stormy walks to and fro work. Times like those will be great to look back on when we all retreat to our hot water bottles and netflix to see the evenings in.

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