Sunday, 13 September 2015



See. Go places with people you love. Go places to meet people you will love. Adventure through woods and walk along the shoreline. Drink coffee and converse about everything, anything and nothing. Buy those shoes. Keep it clean but don't obsess over mess. Study and learn about the world. Learn about people's view on the world. Learn the facts from fiction and the stuff in between. Be kind to others but be sure to be kind to yourself too. You know what you have done to be where you are and how life is never easy so please be kind; be kind to others but most of all be kind to yourself. Try new delicacies and don't be afraid of other cultures. But when you find a favourite, savour it and share your secrets. You only understand how much freedom honesty can bring when you start being completely honest to yourself. Share your heart and when you love someone, let them know. Be grateful for family while they are there, because (as my da always puts it) one day they won't be around for you to annoy anymore.

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