Monday, 7 September 2015


So it's September already as summer flew in really quickly. I had some really great memories of this break with friends, family//italian family.

My sister has just moved to Dubai. It's a weird feeling, growing up and realizing that the people you once spent every day with are moving out and going in their own journey, and you realize just how much you've taken friendships for granted when it happens.

Currently I am living in the best years for friendships. My peers and I are just beginning our careers, finishing off studies, and the majority are without sprouts to tend to - we are free-er than we think we are. Responsibilities are not so high that we can't find the time to meet up often and enjoy ourselves. I mean, someday we will all be trying to organize a night out together, but things will get in the way like, parent teacher meetings and not being able to find a baby-sitter at such short notice (etc etc). So I am really trying to make the most of my evenings, socialize and enjoy the great company.

The above photographs were taken with a waterproof kodak during my sister's "Dubai-Goodbye" party and we were able to rent out a hot tub for the week to celebrate it. It's incredible how many hours you can spend in a hot tub when drinks are flowing, games are played and craic is 90. I would absolutely love to rent one again next summer for a BBQ fun day in the sun!

(Also see above, my best-friend and I as we poorly attempted a spot of bodyboarding on the coldest day known to man. Pathetic, but very very fun!)

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