Friday, 4 September 2015


A lot is changing; Autumn is just around the corner, burgundy is being stoked on the shelves and it seems that everyone around me is gearing up for a change in career/heading back to education.

Last week I said goodbye to one of my nearest and dearest friends as she left for a flight to Newcastle, this week another one left for Glasgow, and I am getting all set to rock and roll at university again (third time lucky ey?). It was also the start of a big aul american tour for my other chummy this week, so before he left we celebrated by heading for a feed in the new eatery in the city-centre called DinaDina. It is a class wee place tucked away just off of Chichester St that sells piadina (an Italian flat bread) with a mad selection of fillings. I can't recommend it enough, but I will be sure to hit that bad boy up en-route to uni!

Ahead of the new school year I have been spending a lot of time at my family home chilling out with my family and helping my mom around the house. I grew up with a big family in a big house and now my parents are finally bidding a farewell to the youngest of the bunch; Boy are they ready to spend some quality time together without endless laundry loads and messy muckers in the kitchen. It's left me feeling rather reflective about all of the crazy, sweet and fun memories we have made in this beautiful building. It's not time to say goodbye to it yet (because I mean, it's not the best time for sellers) - but I am excited for the rents to get their little retirement home on the go. I really enjoy looking at old photographs from around the house and garden, and seeing how much it has changed over the last 25 years. Once a bare garden, has been transformed into a jungle filled with beautiful flowers. There are trees that have been tied to fencing using tights; the same tights that had been pulled over our heads and tied together for some crazy game we invented, as we ran around half naked, giggling like monkeys. Photographs from Christmas' gone past, with the horrific floral decor (between wallpaper, carpet, sofa upholstery and cushions) - it doesn't feel like all that long ago now, but it was the perfect childhood to look back on...

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