Friday, 25 September 2015



A few weeks back, the lovely bunch from Filthy McNastys invited me and my chummies down for a few drinks in Filthy Chic (their cocktail bar), and of course how could a girl say no, so we pottered down to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday.
To be honest it was to be an intimate date night between Declan and I, but the whole clan ended up coming for a feed and a night's craic. Despite the numbers of us turning up, (more than anticipated) Matt, our lovely bar man, and the other staff catered for us all. 
We had a whole array of different cocktails and treats, from some sort of gin concoction in big share bottles, to a build your own daiquiri (or build your own DECKuiri, as we called it..hoho..), with pots of popcorn on the side.

I'm not usually one for a midweek drink but it was a great night spent with good pals, nice surroundings and a fab playlist. I have already visited Filthy's since, but will definitely be heading to #FilthyChic for future celebrations!

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