Friday, 21 August 2015


The last time I was on here, I was travelling to Italy to work as an au pair to a family of two kiddos. My experience was cut short as I became reeeeally unwell and unfortunately had to travel back home (which was an ordeal in itself..)

Despite this major hiccup, I really enjoyed my time and I'm so appreciative of the adventure I had. I spent a fortnight living life as an Italian, eating delicious food, immersed in their culture and surrounded by such beautiful landscapes. I was living with a family who couldn't speak English well, except for the mother and I was having to learn a lot of Italian from hearing it within conversations rather than from a textbook or tutorial. It is incredible how much you can learn in a short space of time when you have limited conversation in English - some of it useless, like the names of household items, rooms and phrases such as how do you say (come se dice?)..but i also learned some important words, such as dickhead, and other rude genital words.. I mean, when will that NOT be an important part of learning another language?

The house I stayed in was on the side of a mountain, in a very mountainous location just outside of Trento (a small town built by the Greeks, about an hour away from Verona). The area was very quiet, old fashioned and even basic transport was a bit of a nightmare, but all worth it as the area was filled with such untouched beauty, it never grew old to open a window and see the views.

I was quite nervous when I met the family for the first time (ofcourse this was over-shadowed by the relief I felt as I got off the aeroplane in one piece. They were very sweet and despite the kids being unpredictable and a bit of a rowdy handful at times, I loved them all. I helped the children learn English through making colouring in worksheets, and doing various different arts and crafts with them, like making real cute clay hedgehogs! It has definitely made me want to pursue a career with art therapy with children after spending quality time this way and I can't wait to do it again in the future.

When I left Belfast I promised myself that I would try all new experiences, I sat and watched the meteor showers on sun beds at an ungodly hour, I trekked half way up a snow capped mountain and I tutored English to kids. But the most rewarding of all new experiences was trying new cuisine - uncooked ham, all the ice cream, 1000s of different and frankly weird cheeses and sausages.. &Did I mention that Italians drink SHEEP MILK. Weird.

All in all, a fantastic time to look back on fondly and I would definitely be interested in heading out again on a new adventure... Maybe France next time!

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