Monday, 24 August 2015


Finally I am back in Belfast, all moved in and just starting to settle in!! WOOO (took long enough like...)

I have to admit it currently feels like I am living in a really nice hotel, what with having a crisp clean new everything and a bad-ass en suite. I haven't got that 'I don't have to pack up and move house for a looooong time' feeling yet but damn I am looking forward to it.

Starting to get myself prepped for heading back to uni, buying bits and bobs and dusting off old texts. I think I chose the perfect time to return to studying, as I am feeling really good about it, and for once I am actually pretty stoked to be knuckling down and doing something productive. I am definitely a part of a minority who actually want to study after a summer with a lack of sun.

Coming up before then is TWEEDFEST. If you're from NI and you missed out on all of the festivals of the summer (like me) then you should definitely be getting off your butt, dig out that dodgy-mouldy-rotten tent of yours, hit the offy and jump on the train to Ballymoney and throw some shapes in a barn to some top-notch bands. What's that I hear you say? 'Agh I'm too skint to be heading to a festival, between entry costs, camping, drinks, food, and travel' - Good job this festival is only EIGHT FREAKING QUID then ey? 

& sure whilst you're up north you could easily check out some amazing sights. I recently took the boy up to visit a few places and he loved it. There's something class about showing local beauty that you have seen so often that it doesn't phase you, and yet when you show someone it for the first time you can realize just how much you take it for granted as you see through a new set of eyes just how impressive it all is. We visited Murlough Bay, which is a short but daunting drive outside my hometown, which involves driving down a windy cliff-side road and praying that you don't meet another car. We also visited a few Game of Thrones locations, like the Dark Hedges (Bregagh Road) and the Ballintoy Harbour. Personally I am not all that into GOT, but Decky is! I can't wait for another Northcoast adventure, have any of you got a favourite Northern Irish spot that you enjoy visiting? 

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