Tuesday, 28 July 2015


I have moved house like 5/6 times now, from apartments to tiny houses, and it was at times a bit stressful. But the difference with moving this time and those of the past, is that this is not a rented apartment where all of the furniture is there waiting for you to fill it with your belongings. This time I have been put through a work-out as I lift heavy furniture up several flights of stairs, and wreck my hands as I try to assemble it without having a melt-down.

I am so so happy to finally be living in a place where all of the furniture is hand-picked by me, for me. Everything has a place, and darn does it look good in it. I am currently half way through my moving mission before I leave for Italy, and I actually believe I just might get it all done..  Unfortunately I haven't been able to rope my boyfriend into doing all the hard graft for me as he currently lives overseas midweek rendering him useless to me! I really thought that I would have a tough time doing it all on my own, but it has been an interesting process of realizing I am a very capable young madam! Having Declan overseas hasn't been a nightmare, like I had imagined, but instead it makes the time I do spend with him even better, and I am actually quite enjoying the routine we have going. 

Italy has crept up on me very quickly but I am excited to get going! Has anyone visited Trentino or the surrounding areas before? Are there any tips or tricks I should know about before I head over?

I know my blog posts are all about moving, and all about Italy now-a-days - but it is taking up my entire life right now. Soon my blog will be filled with beautiful holiday pictures and back to the usual outfit posts - but currently the only attire I am wearing are my dad's old shirts and dodgy looking socks as I scrub away here!

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