Thursday, 11 June 2015


As you may or may not have seen, the Boob song is now online (a collaboration between GOGIRL and BeeMickSee for the #FreeTheNippleCampaign).
The video was views nearly 4,500 times within 24 hours - which is insane for me to even think about. Now, a week since the launch it has reached over 13,800 views..and counting. How bazaar?

The photos above are from the launch night in The Bar With No Name, which was a night of craic all round. Buns, bubbles, banter and some questionable groove-moves were on the go and it was the perfect party to celebrate all of the hard work!

Ciara McMullan Photography had a small exhibition of behind the scenes from the shoot day and the GoGirls were behind decks with BeeMickSee banging out tunes all night. It was pretty fucking nerve-wracking getting up in-front of a crowd filled with friends and strangers to introduce the video, to then watch them watch you - but ultimately it was worth it as everyone seemed to enjoy the video and have a good night. I had a ball and now I am honestly sooo relieved it is all over!... or has it all just begun? ho ho!

Anyway, for anyone who hasn't seen the video, or just wants to watch those silly dancemoves again, check it out below.
Please do give us a thumbs up and share if you enjoy it and more importantly if you believe in Gender Equality too!


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