Saturday, 9 May 2015


My previous Kodak Moments post features my recent trip to Glasgow & this one follows my day trip to Manchester the day after.

Again, it was my first time in Manchester and I was pleasantly surprised. The vintage scene is well and truly alive and kicking (although the prices shocked me a bit). All of the cafes and bars were quirky and cool, including "the Soup Kitchen" where we got a really good Jerk Chicken feed. 

Luckily enough I had a local to shop me about the show and it was really nice to take a day dandering around slowly, and window-shopping as I took in the city and worked my way out of a hefty hangover.

We hit up another ASIWYFA gig, where I surprised my bestie by walking up to the bar and ordering a drink whilst he stood beside me shocked. Good steam!

What followed was hell on earth. A student club called Fifth Av. An underground dig overran by teenagers fueled by 90p shots and wearing next to nothing as we stood freezing our asses off under our layers. i couldn't understand how they were having all the craic when all I could think about was escaping and finding a wee pub with a fire on the go and grabbing a pint.
Then I realized that I wasn't a student anymore, but instead an aging whine who was beginning to understand the fury my father had at my teenage outfits.

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