Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Last weekend I was invited to join one of my dearests to spend a few days in Glasgow and check out the first And So I Watch You From Afar tour date, so naturally I scraped together a few coins and dragged myself onto a plane.
Tears were shed. A lot of tears. Anyone who knows me knows that flying is definitely up there as being one of my least favourite activities that this world has to offer. I mean, sitting in a big tin box that is flying through the air just isn't appealing to me in the slightest.

This was my first trip to Glasgow and it was like a much colder Belfast with beautiful architecture and a better transport system (which isn't hard to beat when we only have Translink to compare to). I really enjoyed visiting the museum and grabbing some sweet eats (including my first Indian outing!) with great company.

Something that I never really thought about was just how exhausting tour life must be on bands. Travelling alone takes it out of me, but imagine loading out, sound checking, playing energetic gigs, loading out and all of the late nights. It's exhausting! One night was enough for me and I was set up for a week of sleep; so hats off to you boys!

I definitely wanna check out Edinburgh the next time I am over that direction, but I think I will be wrapping up in a few more layers!

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