Tuesday, 19 May 2015


So, I have been talking about it now for about a month, and it is finally time to reveal one of the latest projects I have been working on. Alongside fellow GOGIRL ladies and Sir Brendan Seamus of BeeMickSee, I am proud to promote the single / video launch of our #FreeTheNippleCampaign song happening on 02.06.15 at The Bar With No Name (Auntie Annies, Belfast). There will be boob buns, bubbles, an exhibition by Ciara McMullan and loads more fun, including a premier screening of the video. For more details check out the event page on Facebook, HERE!

BRENDAN SEAMUS (BEEMICKSEE) on how the project came about :
""It was a cold and wet Tuesday night in Belfast. I had been sampling some fine beverages with a companion in The Bar with No Name when we decided to make the trip to Laverys where we would watch A BadCavalier play on the floor of the back bar. Upon entering the venue I bumped into Megan and Nuala – who were 3 cocktails into a wonderful evening. They are an infectiously fun and inspiring duo. Nuala (an actress and burlesque performer) informed me that burlesque dancers in Belfast aren’t allowed to show their nipples during performances. I quipped “I’m all about the titties, bout the titties, no tassels” and they both said I should write a rap about it. I then agreed that WE should write a rap about it, and it was only natural that we ask Cheylene Murphy (of Wonder Villains) to write the music for it.""

CHEYLENE MURPHY on the writing process :
""I remember walking into Laverys that night and seeing Megan, Nuala and Brendy laughing and rapping about nipples at the bar. What a glorious scene to walk into! When I caught up with what they were talking about, I replied with a YEAH FREEING THE NIPPLES SOUNDS AMAZING and they asked me to write the music. In the classic drunk and excited way of "oh! And you can write the music!! AND IT'LL BE AMAZING!! Yay!!"
We all met up about a week later to talk about nipples & boobs to give Brendy the material to string the rap together with (we thought that was better left to a professional. Some of our rap attempts were fantastically tragic!) The next day I was messing around on the piano, giggling thinking about the boobs banter from night before. My favourite part was when we tried to come up with as many synonyms for breasts as possible. The song was very nearly called Lady Balls. The overwhelming vibe of the whole project was fun, hilarious and most importantly, CELEBRATORY of those weird jiggly parts on a woman's chest! So the chorus wrote itself in about 5 seconds. I listened back to it, it made me laugh and that was the chorus done! Then it was just about putting the rap over the chords and getting Ryan McGroarty to record the song professionally. Which was lots of fun to do. We even managed to get more Go Girls (and guys!) to do group vocals upstairs in The Bar With No Name. Which basically meant twenty people shouting 'Boobs!' over and over again at a microphone in the middle of the room; I’m pretty sure we terrified the people downstairs watching the match!""

NUALA DAVIES on creative visuals :
""Preparation for #FTN involved A LOT of beers and late night meetings, However it was an incredible journey that inspired a lot of amazing and creative things to happen. We MADE t-shirts, boob cakes and of course got to hang out with the adorable Nina! I think one of the most significant jobs for me was the overall vision for the aesthetic of the video. It was important that it reflected our personalities. (Which are bubbly and generally adorable. Haha) whilst also conveying our anger towards the hypocrisy of this issue. We wanted to make it celebratory of our bodies, light-hearted and fun with the lyrics really hitting home about our societies necessity to empower the female and give US not the media ownership of our bodies. WE LOVE BOOBS.""

CIARA MCMULLAN on the video shoot :

""I have to admit I had never really given much thought to the free the nipple campaign before I was asked to get involved with the video shoot. I was only going to be shooting on the day but after seeing all of the plans and hearing a rough version of the song I was very excited! Cheylene is the most enthusiastic organised person I know, so I trusted her plan would come together on the day. The shoot day was amazing - I have never worked with such a brilliant, creative bunch of people in my life. It was fun and productive all at the same time. The girls really opened my eyes up to the #FreeTheNipple campaign and just how silly that censorship law is. Over all I had an incredible day shooting the video and I hope to work with Nuala, Megan and Brendan again. Oh and Nina! What an amazing dog, the real star of the show!""

It really has been a delightfully banter filled project with a range of talented so-and-sos, and I only hope that the public enjoy the song & video, get a message, and have a giggle with it. I would love to see people down at the launch night as it will be a lot of good craic, but I will be sure to post up the video and all the craic from the launch here afterwards! It has been a pleasure working with all the guys once again and I'm sure it won't be the last! #FREETHENIPPLES!








Neesha said...

I love the vintage effect that your photos have. What camera do you use?

Neesha | Reinventing Neesha ♥

Unknown said...

Hey Neesha!

I use various different cameras but all are film or disposable!
I hope this helps!


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