Friday, 1 May 2015


There's a smell of change in the air at the moment. I'm not sure whether it is just me, the weather or if it is the end of an era - but what am I saying goodbye to? I don't know.

The usual summertime move is coming up and I will be saying goodbye to my lovely flatmate and saying hello to a new home. I have been researching houses for sale in the south Belfast student areas as my parents are looking to buy a house up here for their little beloved weins to live in and rent out to students. It's all very up in the air but I am stoked for it. With that said, I'm really gonna miss the overly girly, heat-box where there has been plenty of Dr.Phil episodes alongside bottles of wines, midnight feasts delivered, singalongs, a bit of crying, and a shit tonne of craic. It's always sad when you have to move out of a home and a routine to start a new one, but I'm sure it will be a great new chapter!

In other news, Belfast Bikes are a go-go! I signed up for a years use of them (only twenty dabs like!) and I can't wait to get out on them! They were put out on the day I left for my little weekend trip away to Glasgow & Manchester (Kodak moments coming soon), so I have yet to make use of them. I am sure they will come in so handy for little bike rides along the Lagan Towpath and for getting in and out of town even quicker. Have any of you signed up to use the bikes yet? I am kind of feared to use them for the first time in case I mess up and/or get too frustrated and aggressive towards the machine, or someone will video me weeping in confusion and it will be as viral as the Holylands Parking Fail.

This outfit in the post above was sent to me from a brand called Batoko. They have a lot of bright and bold pieces on their site that definitely make a statement - kind of perfect for the upcoming festival season. I opted for the Heart Stamp Co-Ord but I really like their range of Swimwear too, especially the 'BaeWatch' suit - amazing! 
I will say that I got my sizing in M-L rather than S-M because I'm not exactly one for flashing the flesh and much prefer a co-ord that overlaps than to show my mid-rift.
My shirt is a men's Levi shirt from Yellow Submarine Belfast and I got my ''raaaaybans'' from Camden when I visited London last month. 

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