Wednesday, 15 April 2015


 In your twenties you start to really notice your friendships drifting.
During school you are stuck together all week in class together and over the weekend too, then throughout uni you live with your pals and socialize most nights; but then comes the weird in-between period.
You convince yourself that you are too old to act like a student, but too young to be an adult. Pals begin to focus on careers and relationships and getting everybody together can be a lot of work, but sometimes you can forget how good we have it now. 

By their mid-twenties, my rents had already popped out a few weins and got themselves a mortgage and real-adult jobs, and that was the norm. But I can't imagine how much more difficult things could be if all of my mates were shacked up and I wanted to plan a party-filled night out or a girly-night-in. We are all blessed to spend these days living together and getting to experience a great social life. 

This weekend me and the goirlz are heading to another Tease-O-Rama in the Black box and I am so stoked for the glitter elaganza to come! Something to look back on with a smile when I'm stuck in the house changing nappies, ey?

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