Saturday, 14 March 2015


I tend to talk a lot about my job (and just how blessed I am to have landed the job of my dreams!), and recently with the expansion of the Yellow Submarine opening a new vintage sister shop, I just had to share it with you guys!

The Octopus's Garden recently opened it's doors to the public and it was so much banter. The new shop has the best colour scheme and theme running throughout it that you can't help but feeling good vibes when you visit. 
The stock in store is a mix of retro, vintage and really wacky one-off altered pieces and there was so many things I had my eye on for myself (which is the main curse of working in these shops - I ended up leaving with my arms stuffed with goodies!). For the girls, there are a great range in dresses, knitwear and the denim stock is great - we recently started alterations on shorts, adding lace, dip dye, patches and even adding emojis to them, and I love them ALL! 

The guys have really been spoiled for choice in this shop and the OG has the best Levi's range I've seen in Belfast (between flannels, denim jackets and jeans). There are mad shell jackets, Adidas and freaking loads of band tees (grabbed me a Queen one!) so they have every kind of style covered.

On the opening day there was loads of delicious baked goods, a lot of bubbles and music acts from Goldie Fawn and Travis Is A Tourist - smiles all round really!

In the upcoming months the shop will be expanding onto the other two floors (this shop is heeeuge!) and will be selling more tweed, furniture and hopefully there will be a community space for musicians and customers to have a bit of down time. I am super stoked to get started on it all, but until then, I hope you guys will be able to take a trip in and visit the new shop - you won't be disappointed! 


T'erra McD. said...

great photos :)

Linda said...

Can't wait to see the new shop!

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