Monday, 16 March 2015


My life is filled with 'mobile moments'. From instagramable moments to let me check it on google moments, and the have you seen this yet? moments to the I have got to tweet that! moments. 

I'm not half as bad as some people that I know of whom are buried behind a phone 24/7 but I'm an addict to an empty inbox. There's nothing I hate more than having notifications and not knowing what nugget of information is behind that blue flash. I have recognised this issue and turned notifications off for many of my applications like Instagram and Twitter (because majority of the time they are nothing other than a good waste of time and a major distraction) but there's something about a text or email that makes communication with someone online seem more important than the person sitting infront of me. This is so very very wrong.

There is a science behind my phonicalism all comes down to a dopamine loop. Dopamine is the chemical produced in the brain that affects your mood, motivation, attention and sense of reward (as well as a whole bunch more). This explains why when I clear out my inbox or banish those notifications I get a sense of achievement through all of the mini tasks I set out to do.
If I'm honest with myself I know that I could complete all of these mini-tasks within a half hour in a day, and yet I'm addicted to checking my phone and clearing them as I go because I'm a total dopamine ADDICT.

As you seen last week, the Octopus's Garden Belfast store finally opened. This was after 27291 texts, 3754 calls, 369 emails, a lot of facebookin', tweet'n and 'grammin'. Finally. But my brain was still so geared up about it all that even that night, I was worrying that I should have been doing something when I was meant to be celebrating!  I took that weekend to chill out, and disconnect for a well-deserved break.

What I didn't realize is just how bloody difficult it was to shop checking the phone that wasn't in my pocket, and I was even going so mad as to say I thought that my pocket was vibrating, which was impossible. Had I really been that much of a sucker for technology and connectivity that I was having ghost notifications followed by a feeling of loss. Hell yeah I missed that dopamine loop, but shouldn't I have been more happier with my freedom? I was finally free to put the conversations with those in my company ahead of the 'urgent emails', and I was worrying that I was going to NEED my phone within a few hours for something. What ever happened to the days when you were able to head out for the afternoon and not be terrified that someone from an entirely different country was in urgent need of a response? Where you weren't scared of having an actual emergency where you would need to dial 999 (a major worry for anybody who believes they're having a heart attack twice a week)? Or where you could eat a beautiful meal out without snapping it before you tuck in (cos if you didn't gram it, you didn't eat it).

I don't know, but what I do know is that once a week I will be saying NO to the constant connectivity and hello to silent nights free from buzzes and dings! 


Above, I am wearing my favorite LBD from Urban Outfitters. It's made from this beautifully textured, slightly elastic material with a cut out back design. It makes for a perfectly casual day-dress that can be very easily glammed up for a grunge-y night look. 
I wore it with opaque tights and a beautiful lilac Boy-friend Blazer Coat from Primark (that complimented my hair pretty well-if I do say so myself!). Simple, and sweet.


T'erra McD. said...

In love with your pictures :)

Unknown said...

Super cool photos, love your style x

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