Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I love notes.  I love reminders, passing them in class to your buddy &for telling that fartforbrainsmotherflipper who blocked your car in / parked in two spaces that he should figure out the meaning of life, or just give up, but stop shitting on people's happiness while he does. 

Most important of them all I love love notes. I give them to my best friend/colleague when I know she is in work the following day to let her know she's doing a great job in both work & life. I leave them for my flatmate when she is coming home to and empty house to let her know how awesome she is. And I slip them into m'loved ones pocket/bag so that they know I am thinking about them when they least expect it. When I think about the times I have found a note for me, I feel so special and it really makes me wanna share the happiness! 

Back in September my flatmate put a computer chair in our landing and I often enjoyed coming home, after a night aboard the mess-express, and sitting on it to tell everybody that they were fired, in an Alan Sugar-esque way. Until one day someone TOOK our beloved chair. Okay, so we didn't actually love it all that much (in that we didn't even allow it in the flat) but we needed to know it's location to avoid a hefty fine come move out day.. So we did what any sane person would do and we left a threat note stating that if the flat below us did not return the said chair, actions would be taken to insure the safe return of it. Those actions turned out to be a series of letters and illustrations back and forth, with exchange of chocolates, tweets and human hair (don't ask!). Needless to say we did not see the return of our chair, and have genuinely no idea of it's whereabouts..but those Thornton gruffalos would have never of happened had it not been for note exchanging, so AMEN to that! 

Moral of the story? Note writing is fun and when it's time to let go of your chair, do so after the exchange of chocolate.

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