Monday, 9 March 2015


Day trips to paradise are easily enough found when you live on the North Coast of Ireland. It makes for interesting and beautiful day getaways and perfect weekend dates. 
Not too long ago we headed to the Giants Causeway (which if you haven't heard of yet it's this crazy section on the coast where an ancient volcanic eruption some how created these mad basalt columns that all fit together like tiles. Insanely beaut and superb for picnic-ing on. What is a bit mental is that you have to pay to see this natural occurrence; surely that's not right?

Hitting up the coast is always the best way to work off any hangover from the night before. There must be some paracetamol in the breeze and the exercise somehow makes you feel less I want to jump off this cliff and more I want to climb that hill! Despite my recent dryathalon (for my own sanity rather than charity), I still feel hungover after a night out. My body can't cope with being awake past midnight without some sort of energy boost so I tend to turn to the redbull. This causes for my anxiety levels to exacerbate, headaches and wild fatigue the next morning, which in itself is what a hangover is, right? But hey, at least I get to remember everything that happens, including m'wild dance-moves (unfortunately).

Above there are snaps taken from an A Bad Cavalier gig & an ABQ gig. Check out the links!

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